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AMG USA has been leading the limited liability company Agri Business Consortium (ABC). ABC comprises a group of experienced agricultural consultants providing sound, useful and practical solutions to their clientele. ABC consultants have provided an array of services for such clients as USAID, USDA, World Bank, Federal Trade Commission and others.

ABC’s capabilities cover an extensive range of fields and disciplines including: agribusiness, natural resources and environmental management, agriculture production/rural development, agricultural and resource economics.

AMG USA, as a member of the Weidemann Associates Consortium, has been implementing the USAID RAISE PLUS Small Business Set Aside IQC project. The objectives of the project are: to promote market driven, environmentally sustainable agricultural development through technical services and field support to field missions, regional bureaus, local host country governments and others in strategic planning and policy analysis.

The RAISE PLUS Small Business Set Aside IQC provides short-term technical assistance to achieve more competitive, prosperous and environmentally sustainable agricultural and rural sectors in developing countries.
It provides technical assistance to increase rural family production and marketing of food crops, cash crops and natural resource products. It improves the competitiveness and profitability of agribusinesses and natural resource product enterprises.

The RAISE PLUS Small Business Set Aside IQC supports: project design and assessment, project monitoring and evaluation, workshops and conferences.


AMG Moldova

AMG current activities

AMG carried out a Production and Marketing of Fresh Fruits Study Tour in Poland.
The program was for officials from farming companies and a university in Moldova, all professionals with production and marketing of fresh fruits.

This tour provided the participants with a sound knowledge and understanding of Polish fruit production sector; methods and technologies in growing fruits; plant protection; irrigation; soil fertilization; modern harvesting techniques; fruit packaging; fresh fruit storing; quality standards for export; marketing strategies; integrated production and certification; and organic farming. The focus of the training concentrated on facilities and organizations involved with fruit and vegetable production, traditional and organic, fruit preparation and storage, and marketing of products to meet European, American and Russian standards.

The study tour helped Moldovan farmers to establish new contacts with their Polish counterparts, identify potential partners for future cooperation in export markets and elaborate their action plans on how to implement the knowledge gained in Poland in their activity in Moldova.


AMG Ukraine

AMG current activities

Agricultural Management Group, Inc. carried out the Water Resources Management Study Tour in Hungary for 14 officials from governmental organizations and private companies in Ukraine, providing training services under the Participant Training Project, USAID.

The training program was developed in support of the participants’ efforts to improve treatment and management of waste and drinking water in USAID’s Local Environmental Action Program (LEAP) and other communities.

The study tour provided the participants with a knowledge and understanding of Water Resources Management, Water Supply and Treatment, Wastewater Treatment and Environmental Protection of Water Resources in Hungary.
The focus of the training sessions and tours concentrated on facilities and organizations involved with water supply, drinking water and wastewater treatment; local and regional operations and management of water supply and treatment facilities; regional, national and international environmental protection and management; national and local water tariff structures, financing and budgeting for water supply, water and wastewater treatment; and water conservation and protection.

The one-week training activity in Hungary provided a starting point and increased awareness of the need for improving water management, water and wastewater treatment and environmental protection programs in Ukraine, in order to maintain sustainable water supplies for the future in the country.

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