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Since 1994, AMG has helped foreign organizations launch their projects in Moldova.

Two major Programs, that AMG has been providing logistics support in Chisinau, are Commercial Law Development Program and Enforcement Program financed by U.S. Department of Commerce and U. S. Department of Treasury respectively.

AMG is thoroughly familiar with logistical challenges in Moldova.

AMG has developed a wide range of information, consultancy, and logistics services

in an effort to facilitate exploration of business investment opportunities for the company’s clients.

Our logistics services range from airport pick-up/see-off, providing housing/office accommodations down to

hiring employees, equipping your office, and providing technical assistance throughout your stay in Moldova.


We can lease a furnished residence for you within reasonable financial limits that you set. It can be a 1-2 bedrooms apartment or 2-4 bedrooms house. We ensure that residences meet all security and safety guidelines in accordance with special requirements dictated by the host country Commerce office or the American Embassy Security Officer. Our Lease Agreement will include if necessary an escape clause that permits the termination of the lease on 30 days notice in case the Tenant is forced to leave the country earlier.

  Local Professional Staff Support

We can recruit and obtain the services of local professional support personnel for your office. You can either participate in the selection of the candidate to be obtained, or leave the actual selection process and details of the selection agreement to us. We can be responsible for pay, disciplinary actions, training, career development and for correctly applying Moldavian engagement laws, including the payment of social taxes where applicable.

  General Support

We are capable of providing the following support services in addition to those services related to housing and personnel recruitment:

Meeting you and your family at the airport upon arrival in the country and escorting to a hotel or other temporary housing.

One or two-day orientation program(s) will be developed for you to provide information about the host country such as brief outline of its history and social customs, labor laws, how to relate to local officials (e.g., the police), host country conditions (e.g., problems with housing, utilities, servants, shopping, etc. that might be expected), enrollment in schools, recreational opportunities, availability of doctors and dentists, availability of language training, and precautions that must be taken with regard to potential health problems. The briefing will provide information on registration of automobiles, mail services, banks, customs services and almost any aspect of expatriate life in the host country.

Providing necessary assistance to obtain customs clearance for the your household effects including those shipped by air freight and sea freight, as well as for office equipment if it is shipped from abroad.

Providing assistance and advice related to your automobile(s). The automobile may arrive separately from household goods and require separate customs clearance. We can provide information about the requirements for obtaining a host country driver’s license, registration and insurance.

In areas where security has become an issue we can provide car and driver services for the local business travel including travel to and from the residence.

We can arrange language training for you, your spouse, and children, either through a tutor or through attending formal classes.

We can provide written information on establishing personal bank accounts in the host country, where banking services are available. This shall include: information on time for wire transfers and mail deposits, bank affiliations with Western banks, service fee charges, and requirements for personal bank accounts.

We can take care of international express air mail service for you, which will include pick-up and delivery of weekly packages in the host country.

If you are not bringing office equipment with you, we can purchase office furniture and equipment for your use, including file cabinets, desks, chairs, office supplies, copiers, air conditioners, fax machines, telephones (including cellular), and other major office equipment.

We can organize your leisure time. As we are a part of international community in the host country, we are well aware of all the social activities that take place within it.

  Short-term Mission Personnel Support

We can also provide support for short-term mission personnel (TDY) and/or foreign nationals. Typical support may include air reservations and/or ticket purchase, airport pick-up, hotel accommodations, translators, interpreters, conference rooms, support expenses, and TDY hospitality packages (including sheets, towels, dishes, etc.)

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