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The staff in Moldova office have many years of direct, in-country experience in different areas and phases of the agriculture and business sectors. AMG personnel have gained valuable knowledge and insight into the complexities and opportunities in international development for the support of its clients.

Dr. Hriday Gupta, Regional Manager for Ukraine and Moldova, earned his Ph. D. in October 97 in Irrigation Engineering specializing in soil erosion. Dr. Gupta, from Nepal, has lived and studied for twelve years in Moldova, and he has managed AMG’s offices in Moldova and the Ukraine since 1995. Dr. Gupta worked on the Zeneca seed project in Moldova in 1994-95. He provides key logistic support for AMG contracts and has experience in construction oversight for infrastructure development. Dr. Gupta served as a translator in the US for Cochran Fellows from Moldova studying agriculture management. He served as program coordinator and interpreter on an Agricultural Marketing Study Tour for eight Agricultural officers from Nepal in Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines in October/ November 1998 and seven Agricultural Officers from Nepal in India and Thailand in July/August 2000 under a contract with AED. He speaks Russian and English fluently, as well as several Eastern languages.

Olesea Pihtari, graduated from Free International University of Moldova in 2010, Economics Department, specialty Business and Administration. She will earn her Master’s Degree in International Law in 2012. Fluent Russian, Romanian, English, good Ukrainean and basic French, excellent computer skills, holder of Certificate ECDL for Driving Computer. Publications in �Symposia Studentium�,

Strategic Management, issues 2009, 2010. Olesea was a full member of an leadership organisation AIESEC, from 2008 until 2010, obtained there the Certificate of the Trainer.

AMG personnel are qualified, have confidence, and will conduct your training in a manner that exceeds expectations.

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