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AMG has formed a group from both the public and private sectors with experience in business, academia, and domestic and international agriculture. Associates include:





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J.W. Roenbaugh is a partner in Mid Kansas Agri Co (MKAC), a company that provides a practical approach to agriculture management and is the largest marketer of triticale seed in the US. Mr. Roenbaugh identifies programs for success in agriculture related businesses, oversees his own farm operation, and those of FRE and another Native American farming operation in Arizona.

Glenn A. Mull is a partner in MKAC, and is the owner and manager of Mull Farms and Feeding, Kansas. Mr. Mull oversees the daily operation of a cattle program, including procurement and sales. Mr. Mull is also a crop producer and provides farm management services for his own operation and FRE and another Native American farming operation in Arizona.

Dr. Robert Julian, retired from Kansas State University as head of the International Agriculture Department, has extensive experience designing and implementing training programs. He has experience in Brazil and carried out the coordination and administration of world-wide technical assistance and training for fruits, vegetables, roots, tubers, and oil seed crops.

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