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AMG, with its associates, has capabilities in many areas of agriculture, agribusiness, management and international agriculture and business. These areas include:

  Livestock & Range Management

Glenn Mull and J.W. Roenbaugh own and operate cattle finishing operations and operate and manage extensive range areas in Kansas and Oklahoma.

John Jackson has experience with managing cow calf operations in Illinois, range management responsibilities in Iran and on the Ute Mountain Ute Farm & Ranch Enterprise in Southwest Colorado and, experience with award winning range conservationist, Sid Goodloe.


John Jackson has experience with soil on the Navajo reservation at Many Farms, sodic soil problems in NE Arizona and soils experience with projects in Romania and Moldova and has worked for Natural Resource Conservation Service (old SCS).


AMG is providing management and logistics support to US advisors from Federal Trade Commission, Department of Commerce and US Treasury in Ukraine and Moldova

  Crop Production and Storage

AMG and associates have experience with numerous grain and vegetable crops. These include alfalfa, dry beans, corn, beets, turnips, peas, grain sorghum, small grains, Triticale, soybeans, and millet.

AMG and associates have experience with various forage crops, primarily alfalfa hay, in rotations with grain and vegetable crops, which are often managed in conjunction with livestock operations, and has been responsible for grain storage handling design as well as management.

  International and Cultural Experience

AMG has many years of combined international experience including work on FRE since 1992 and on TOFA – since 1977.

MKAC has successfully managed FRE in Towaoc, Colorado. Management of this operation balances a two goal philosophy: profitability and employment of tribal members.

AMG provides the accounting, water management, and training for FRE.

AMG provides the accounting, water management, and training for TOFA.

Glenn Mull has experience in west central Mexico.

J. W. Roenbaugh has experience in Paraguay SA and chaired the Paraguay Kansas Trade Committee as part of the Partners of the Americas program.


John Jackson has 13 years of experience with ICI Seeds, including sales to Mexico, Romania, Moldova, and specialty seeds to Oklahoma, Colorado, and Utah.

MKAC, a company owned by AMG Associates Glenn Mull and Bill Roenbaugh, is the largest producer and wholesaler of Triticale seeds in the USA.

  Access to Consultants and Professionals

AMG and associates have excellent working relationships with Colorado State University, University of Nebraska, Mississippi State University, Western Illinois University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Southeast Missouri State, Lincoln University and Kansas State University. Both KSU and CSU provide testing services for MKAC Triticale and are resources for technical assistance.

Dr. Robert Julian is retired from the University of Wyoming and Kansas State University and has extensive contacts in many specialty areas of agriculture John M. Jackson is Past President of the ASAC and has access to professionals in many disciplines of agriculture.

Glenn Mull and J. W. Roenbaugh are involved in the livestock business and are members of the National Cattleman’s Beef Association, have access to top professionals in that field.

  Technical Capabilities

In 1996 AMG and MKAC initiated a Geographical Information System (GIS) program at FRE and for Water PACK (which is a former client of AMG); hardware and software are in place.

Farms owned by Glenn Mull and J. W. Roenbaugh use: GPS for harvest and fertilizer application; remote telemetry for pivot monitoring and control; and computer models to calculate and manage water use through center pivots.

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