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Company Overview

AMG opened offices in Ukraine in 1996. AMG was prime contractor with CLDP to provide logistics and technical support in Ukraine during 2011-2013. Under subcontracts with Metrica Inc., AMG provided logistical and technical support services to the US Department of Treasury Program from 1996 to 2005 and again from 2007 to 2014. During 1996-2011, AMG was involved in organizing conferences for CLDP in Ukraine. AMG provided logistical support to Federal Trade Commission advisors in 1996 and 1997, when that program was closed. AMG arranged numerous trainings, facilitated travel for advisors and other federal professionals, organized and coordinated study tours, official negotiations, and meetings abroad. Specific services included 1) locate and lease office space, acquire all required equipment and set up office facilities, 2) maintain equipment and office facilities; designed and maintain inventory databases, contract and manage professional staff, 3) handle logistics including travel, lodging, training facilities, translation, transportation, insurance, legal registrations, salary and tax payment, and data transfer, 4) develop and implement technical and administrative trainings, 5) initiate all financial transfers of rental fees and staff salaries, 6) interface with contracting agency personnel to facilitate communication and performance, and 7) provide office security. AMG has solved problems independently and creatively when faced with logistical or management challenges. Examples include hand carrying funds when wire transfers were impossible in the 1990s and lowering inventory, thus deceasing rental costs and administrative fees.

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