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Below are listed the projects implemented by AMG in USA:

Farm management, land clearing, pasture development, livestock evaluation, and marketing for private land owners and operators. Soil testing, land use planning and livestock waste disposal on cropland and pasture for a private farming and feedlot operation in Kansas.

Consulting on problem soils, water management, seed selection, cattle management, and alfalfa production for FRE.

Computer setup and training in accounting for: a veterinary practice, an irrigated farming and cattle operation in Kansas, a land and cattle company in Colorado and Native American.

Provide training by developing, implementing, and evaluating a multi-disciplinary ongoing training and management program for an agribusiness. Sales and technical training for performance, and conducted on-site field days to discuss hybrid details with potential seed customers.

Demonstrate fence construction techniques, pasture management, animal health management and cattle breeding programs, and feed production programs for cattle producers.

Provide administrative services, technical support, strategic planning, membership development and public relations for a non-governmental organization in Kansas.

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