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John M. Jackson is an agricultural consultant experienced in farm management, marketing inputs to agriculture and international agricultural development. He provides technical training and coordinates water management and drainage on the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe Farm and Ranch Enterprise (FRE). He was Executive Director of Water Protection Association of Central Kansas (Water PACK) and President during the 97-98 term of the American Society of Agricultural Consultants (ASAC). He was consultant for World Bank in 1998, in Tanzania, Madagascar and Angola as a part of a team determining the level of political risk incurred by suppliers of inputs to agriculture and investigating options for projects to help groups of farmers break the cycle of poverty. The same work was also carried out in Romania, in 1998.

Sharon A. Jackson provides managerial accounting, auditing and payroll services and computer software training. She administers Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on FRE and for Water PACK. For FRE, she presently monitors all accounting activities, conducts a monthly internal audit, and does accounting and budgets for Government grants and contracts. Sharon also carries out similar functions for another Native American client in Arizona.

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